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Simplify Your Tech Message: Content Strategies That Attract & Convert

Unlock the Power of Simplicity: Where complex concepts meet clear, compelling communication.

Build a Powerful Tech Brand with Clear Content

In today’s competitive tech environment, cluttered marketing messages and overly technical jargon confuse potential customers. The struggle is real: crafting content that resonates with a non-technical audience, translating complex features into compelling benefits, and standing out from the crowd.
This is where a clear content strategy comes in. I help tech companies overcome these challenges by developing a comprehensive content plan that:



Tech companies often struggle to explain their innovations in a way that connects with their audience. Here are a few signs you might need help simplifying your messaging:

  • Your website is full of technical jargon that confuses potential customers.

  • Sales presentations leave prospects with more questions than answers.

  • Blog posts and marketing emails fail to generate leads and engagement.

  • Your content gets lost in the noise.

With the right strategy, your message won’t just land – it’ll stick.

The Content Strategy Your Tech Brand Needs

Together, we’ll craft content that cuts through the jargon and puts your business on the map. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Content that positions you as an industry thought leader and builds trust.

  • A strong online presence that attracts your ideal tech clients and boosts authority.

  • Targeted messaging that guides prospects through the decision-making process.

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Build a Powerful Tech Brand with Clarity & Strategy

Let’s uncover your unique value proposition and transform it into clear, compelling messaging that resonates with your ideal tech clients.

DALL·E 2023 11 04 17.27.14 Image for a Discover step in a content strategy process representing UX copywriting and content strategy in tech. A magnifying glass focused on a c
1. Discover

Develop a deep understanding of your target audience, their pain points, and how your solutions address them.

discover the strategy writer
2. Translate

Convert complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand language that highlights the key benefits for your customers.

share thestrategywriter
3. Share

Develop a comprehensive content strategy to distribute your message across the most effective channels for your tech business.

Cut the Guesswork; Connect Directly with Your Audience.

Hear it From Those Who’ve Been There

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Nicole Barratt-Rae

“Craig turned my vision into a website that consistently wows my clients.”

ksenia v
Ksenia Votinova

“Craig’s copy transformed our marketing, making him an invaluable part of our team.”

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Bridget Sarah

“Craig’s insights into our customer journey revolutionized our brand strategy.”

Your Roadmap to Content Success in the Tech Sector

Step 1

DALL·E 2023 11 20 20.26.35 Image for Book A Discovery Call A cozy and welcoming office scene with a computer screen displaying a video call interface suggesting a casual yet

Book A Discovery Call

A casual chat to understand your goals, challenges, and how I can help transform your tech messaging.

Step 2

DALL·E 2023 11 20 20.44.10 Another redesign of Pinpoint Your Messaging A tranquil home office setup focused on messaging strategy. The office has a relaxed yet professional v

Define Your Target Audience & Craft Your Message

We’ll analyze your ideal tech client and define clear messaging that addresses their pain points and highlights your unique value proposition.

Step 3

My first design 1

Implement Your Content Strategy & Scale

With a solid strategy and compelling copy, we’ll execute your content plan to attract leads, boost engagement, and drive growth.

No More Confusing Words

Choose a copywriter who understands the complexities of the tech industry and specializes in content strategies that attract your ideal audience. Let’s transform your messaging to ensure it speaks directly to your potential customers in a way they understand.

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Decode to Engage

Your Guide to Simple Tech Storytelling

Explore the art of decoding tech jargon into engaging narratives. Enter your details below to get your guide.