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Content Strategy That Fuels Your Tech Growth

Develop a content roadmap tailored to attract and engage your ideal tech clients.

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Content strategy Services

Content Audit

Analyze your existing content to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to better resonate with your ideal tech audience. Develop actionable recommendations to improve clarity, engagement, and lead generation.

Audience Research & Persona Development

Gain detailed insights into your ideal tech clients’ specific challenges, preferred content formats (e.g., white papers vs. blog posts), and the online platforms they frequent. This data will inform a content strategy that speaks directly to their needs.

Content Calendar Creation

Develop a strategic content calendar that ensures consistency, aligns with the key stages of your tech clients’ buying journey, and supports your overall business goals. Include a mix of content formats to maximize engagement.

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Your Tech Content Strategy Roadmap

Let’s develop a data-driven content strategy that simplifies your tech messaging, attracts your ideal clients, and positions you as a leader in your niche.

  1. Understanding Your Message & Goals:
    We’ll start with a deep-dive discovery call to analyze your tech solutions, target audience’s pain points, business objectives, and the type of content that will best achieve your goals.
  2. Strategic Content Planning:
    I’ll develop a comprehensive content strategy and calendar that aligns with your sales funnel, addresses the needs of your tech audience, and leverages optimal platforms for maximum reach.
  3. Launch and Optimization:
    We’ll launch your content strategically, continuously analyzing performance data to optimize its impact, ensure ongoing lead generation, and reinforce your thought leadership position.
Mindaugas Krikštanas
SEO specialist

“Craig excels in scaling editorial efforts with his professional, flexible, and patient approach to complex content demands.”

Leandro Teitelbau
Link Building Specialist

“Craig delivers a diverse range of quality content, from SaaS to finance, always on time and to our high standards.”

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Ilakkiya Thilucsha
Digital marketing Expert

“Craig consistently meets deadlines, delivering satisfactory work across multiple projects from web copy to email marketing.”

Why Choose The Strategy Writer for Tech Content Strategy

Simplify complex concepts, engage your ideal audience, and achieve your business goals with a data-driven content strategy. I specialize in understanding the challenges of the tech and cybersecurity sectors and tailor my strategies to position your brand as the trusted expert.

Tech and IT Security Knowledge:

I analyze complex tech concepts and industry trends, developing content strategies that educate your audience, build trust, and showcase your expertise.

Customised Content Creation:

I’ll develop a content strategy aligned with your specific brand, target audience, and business goals, ensuring your tech content resonates and drives conversions.

Results-Focused Approach:

My strategies prioritize measurable results, tracking key metrics to generate qualified leads, drive conversions, and achieve long-term growth for your tech business.

Ready to Simplify Your Tech Message & Attract Clients?

Unleash the power of content to position your tech brand as the go-to authority. Let’s collaborate to develop a data-driven content strategy that drives qualified leads and fuels your business growth.

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Decode to Engage

Your Guide to Simple Tech Storytelling

Explore the art of decoding tech jargon into engaging narratives. Enter your details below to get your guide.