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Meet Craig

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Your Tech Content Strategist and Copywriter: Simplify & Attract

Ever felt the frustration of sifting through complicated, jargon-loaded copy, only to end up more confused than when you started?

Your tech audience feels the same way. Confusing jargon and overly complex explanations drive potential customers away. Let’s work together to transform your words and make your tech solutions irresistible with crystal-clear messaging.

Who’s Craig?

I’m Craig – not just another marketing expert, I’m deeply immersed in the tech and cybersecurity world. Today, I dedicate my expertise to partnering with innovative tech brands, particularly in the cybersecurity space, that are ready to challenge the status quo. My passion? Crafting compelling content strategies and copywriting that cuts through the noise to attract and convert your ideal audience.

My Journey: From Adversity to Advantage

After a head injury that could have ended any chance of a career in high-stakes tech copywriting, I was faced with a choice: accept ‘limitations’ or rewrite my story. I chose the latter. This determination isn’t just part of my story; it’s the fuel for my mission to ensure your tech brand’s message is heard loud and clear—without the jargon. My resilience translates into a relentless drive to get your tech solutions noticed.
Because in my world, “can’t” doesn’t exist.

Ready to make your brand’s message unmissable? Let’s talk.

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Decode to Engage

Your Guide to Simple Tech Storytelling

Explore the art of decoding tech jargon into engaging narratives. Enter your details below to get your guide.